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5 Ways To Eat Your Pepper Steakette

Contrary to popular belief, a steakette is complimented by more than bread.

For years, steakettes have been a staple to the generals man meat intake, but why have you never heard of them?

Because we haven’t made them yet! But we are now, and they’re here to stay!

Whether you prefer it on a loaded bun, just in bread or served with an array of side dishes, we have the answers to your worries.

Here are 5 ingenious ways to eat your Peppered Steakettes and create your favourite meals, without the fuss, the mess and the confusion.


Wrap up your Pepper Steakette with a fresh salad mix, layerd with havarti cheese, drizzeled with sauce and you have yourself an easy lunch!

Serve your Pepper Steakette drizzled with mushroom gravy, a fresh salad on the side and scalloped potatoes in garlic cream sauce to create a pub meal you wont have to leave the house to enjoy.


Our Peppered Steakettes works wonderfully to create oven baked peppered sliders. With fresh cheddar cheese and your choice of sauces this will be an entertaining favourite to feed an army. Baked in the oven to perfection, you’ll have to swat hands away from grabbing another!


Use our Peppered Steakette to create the ultimate Manwhich, served on toasted bread with bacon, tomato, Spanish onion, fresh salad, a sauce of your choosing and a nice slice of pineapple, this loaded Manwhich will make the man of your home ecstatic, while the kids are chasing him around begging for a bite.


Create the amazing Surf n Turf right from your own home, no need to go fishing or visit the beach when you can taste surf right in your own kitchen, or someone else’s if you’re lucky. Topped with fresh prawns, calamari and drizzled in a garlic cream sauce, this Peppered Steakette will add a whole new dimension to your combined meals. The Surf n Turf, The Reef n Beef, whichever you prefer to call it, we’ve perfected it!